Thank you so much for all your help during my pregnancy. The gestational diabetes diagnosis was really difficult for me, and you helped me to get all those blood sugars under control, and still be able to enjoy meals out with my husband before Hannah arrived and that was huge for being happy and healthy heading into labor. Thank you again.

- Kelsey

I absolutely loved working with Rachelle! I started working with her to help me improve my nutrition during pregnancy. She was a great listener and gave advice perfectly catered to my needs. I particularly appreciated that she was patient, understanding, and non-judgmental - plus she was fun to talk to! Now that I am in my third trimester, I've still been able to keep up a lot of the good habits that Rachelle helped me with, including meal and snack prep each week -- which has kept me feeling really good! Rachelle has played a huge role in keeping me healthy during my pregnancy!

- Jenny


Rachelle helped me develop a food and supplement plan to manage my PCOS naturally. She took the time to hear my concerns, answer my questions, and tailor a plan for me. She provides great meal suggestions and recipes that are easy and delicious. She is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive. I highly recommend her!

- Lisa

Throughout a tough year involving several medical issues being diagnosed, Rachelle has offered a great deal of support with navigating the low-FODMAP diet, eating to best support my health needs with PCOS, and helping change my relationship with food into a more positive and balanced one. She consistently takes the time to collaborate with other medical professionals on my team, which is incredibly difficult to find and is much appreciated.  I would recommend her wholeheartedly!

- Jill


 To say that my experience with Rachelle was life changing is not an exaggeration. I dealt with GI pain and various IBS symptoms on a daily basis before we went through the FODMAP elimination and re-introduction together. Working with Rachelle has virtually eliminated my pain and has drastically reduced other IBS symptoms. I feel grateful every day that I now have the tools to navigate an entire day of eating without fear of how every bite of food might make me feel later. Thank you, Rachelle!  

- Barbara

Rachelle is an incredibly positive, supportive, and knowledgeable professional who has provided me with a big picture understanding of how to navigate a healthier, more nutritious lifestyle.  My original goals included making healthier dietary choices and weight loss. It can be intimidating and overwhelming to address your diet (especially if you suspect you need improvement). However, Rachelle's style put me at ease from the beginning.  She was open and fun to work with; I grew to really look forward to our sessions! She focused on starting with my current food choices, versus imposing rules or plans on me or trying to “change” me. This was extremely effective as it allowed me to learn in “baby steps” and to feel in control.  She would gently offer alternatives if I asked, but overall always encouraged me to drive our discussions. This approach ensured that I was more likely to follow through since it was me, not her, who was defining the changes I was making. She proposed a grocery shopping trip; I could not have imagined how helpful it was - I absorbed many lessons on the spot as to how to make more nutritious choices. The lessons I’ve learned under Rachelle will last a lifetime.

- Melissa


You’re the best nutritionist, I’m so lucky to have worked with you throughout my pregnancy!

- Katie

[The breastfeeding nutrition workshop] was a GREAT event. Rachelle is an awesome working mama - if anyone has any nutrition needs, definitely give her a call!

- Jordan